Facial Harmonization in Fortaleza

Have you ever thought about being able to look in the mirror and see the face you've always dreamed of? Free of wrinkles, no acne scars, perfect asymmetry and look even more attractive?

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Dr. Igor Ribeiro
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Dental surgeon

Specialized by the MARC institute in the United States.

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Do you dream of a more symmetrical, defined and harmonic face? I can help you!

What would you like to change about your face?

The shape, jaw volume, face contour, definition, face slimming, jowl reduction, improvement in nose shape?

All these procedures are possible! Chat with us on whatsapp and find out which one will fit perfectly for you!

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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

If it's not joy, it's time to change that! Let us help you transform your appearance, enhancing your natural beauty and raising your self-esteem. You deserve to feel happy with what you see in the reflection!

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Do you happen to think about the risk of not being able to look natural or feeling pain during the procedure? Well, this could be something normal we imagine. But if you take a look at our testimonials below, you will see that our service is done in a safe and comfortable way.

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Before and after

All our patients go home happy with the results of the Facial Harmonization in Fortaleza.

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We don't talk about quality without having concrete results to prove it. Learn a little more about our work and see how we can help you achieve the result you are looking for with Facial Harmonization in Fortaleza.

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Some Procedures

Fortaleza Aesthetic Clinic

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lip filler

Natural, long-lasting and visible result right after treatment.

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Dark circles reduction

Reduction of signs of aging and/or fatigue with Highly Technological Equipment

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wrinkle reduction

Count on advanced technologies and a highly qualified team.

How does jaw filler work?
Mandibular Definition

Enhance facial contours with injectable fillers and long-lasting results.

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Years of experience


Treatments Done

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Learn more about Dr. Igor Ribeiro

Dr. Igor Ribeiro, Dental surgeon, entrepreneur, specialized in Facial Harmonization by the Instituto MARC in the United States, creator of Dental Contact Lenses and Facial Harmonization techniques, has been accumulating more and more celebrities as his patients: player of the Brazilian soccer team, Felipe Jonatan, goalkeeper Éverson, from Atlético Mineiro, Charles Rigon, who is currently at Ceará SC and influencers and youtubers.

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Common questions

Facial Harmonization can improve the appearance of the face, bringing more symmetry, harmony and balance. In addition, it can help smooth wrinkles and expression lines, improve the contour of the face and give more volume and definition to the lips. The results can last for several months or even longer, depending on the treatment performed.

In general, no. The sensitivity to the procedures will depend on the tolerance of each patient. But, if necessary, the dentist is qualified to previously anesthetize the area to be treated.

The face as a whole or just isolated regions, according to the professional's indication or the patient's desire. Applications of specific products are carried out for each region and for the desired purpose. It is possible to harmonize lips, jaw, cheekbones, nose, wrinkles in any region, etc.

Each professional defines the best way to charge for their treatment. But, in general, the value varies according to the treated area, what you want to modify, the difficulty of the procedure and the amount of product that will be necessary for the best result. It is imperative to examine the patient before issuing a quote. After the evaluation in the first appointment, the Dr. Igor Ribeiro takes professional photos in the studio and prepares a Face Design for the patient to receive a personalized planning and budget by email and whatsapp.

We offer a personalized consultation with a Facial Harmony specialist to assess your aesthetic needs and desires. Based on this, we can recommend

Yes, Facial Harmonization in Fortaleza is a safe procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced professional.

Results can vary depending on the type of treatment and the patient, but most patients begin to see results immediately after the procedure. The final result can be seen after a few weeks.

Recovery time varies depending on the type of procedure performed, but many patients can return to normal activities the same day or the next day. The dentist at Fortaleza Aesthetic Clinic can better advise you on post-treatment care and recovery guidelines.

We offer a variety of Facial Harmonization options performed by Dentist in Fortaleza, including facial fillers, bichectomy, support wires, among others.

During the consultation at the Fortaleza aesthetic clinic, our specialists will recommend the most suitable treatment for you based on your aesthetic needs.

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We are online to help you with more information, questions and make your appointment at the aesthetic clinic in Fortaleza right now.

We are online to help you with more information, questions and make your appointment right now.