Resin veneers in Fortaleza

Are you tired of having to live with stained, gapped or yellowed teeth?

The treatment with resin lenses can permanently transform your teeth, providing a perfect smile, without gaps and aligned.

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Dr. Fernanda
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Dentist surgeon

Graduated from Unifor, post graduated in Oral Surgery and Facial Harmonization.

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It's time to smile like you've always dreamed of!

The procedure of resin veneers/lenses is one of the best options for those who want a beautiful smile, quickly and conservatively.

Both Facets and Resin Lenses are aesthetic restorations made on the surface of the teeth, with the material we call Composite Resin.

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There are several positive feedbacks that I often receive from clients who have already undergone treatment with me, as I am always willing to do the best for them.

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Before and after

The results generated by the resin lenses are very noticeable after the procedure, observe the changes in some of our patients.

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Facets in Resin Fortaleza
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Our services

Procedures that are performed by Doctor Fernanda.

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resin lens

Conservative procedure that transforms your smile.

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Resin veneers

Your Teeth are much prettier and Shinier with our resin veneers.

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They serve to correct and change the contour or proportion of the gum, well aligned.

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Tooth whitening

Micro cleaning of the tooth structure, whitens and makes your teeth more beautiful.

Where do we serve?

We are located in the Riomar Trade Center Fortaleza

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Facial harmonization near Riomar Fortaleza
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Learn more about Dr. Fernanda Santos

Dr Fernanda Santos, Dental surgeon graduated from the University of Fortaleza (Unifor), postgraduate in Oral Surgery and Facial Harmonization.

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In love with resin veneers!


Common questions

Both Veneers and Resin Lenses are aesthetic restorations made in surface teeth, with the material we call Composite Resin. The difference between them is in the thickness of each one. 

Resin veneers in Fortaleza are thicker, making them more effective in terms of breaking resistance, covering stains, closing gaps and straightening crooked teeth.

To the Lenses, on the other hand, are thinner facets, with a thickness less than 1mm, which requires more precise and delicate application. It is recommended for cases of subtle corrections, such as minor corrections to the dental contour, a slight increase in size and a smooth change in the tone of the teeth.

The ideal procedure is directed by the dentist, after evaluating each case.

In general, no. The sensitivity to the procedures will depend on the tolerance of each patient. But, if necessary, the dentist is qualified to previously anesthetize the area to be treated.

If the patient does maintenance at the dentist, the veneers remain beautiful for many years.

The procedure is performed by the dentist in the office. Composite resin, unlike porcelain contact lenses, is hand carved directly onto the teeth

Resin veneers or resin lenses can last many years! But many factors can influence its durability, such as: excessive consumption of pigmented foods, poor oral hygiene, parafunctional habits (such as bruxism), etc. In addition, it is very important to carry out periodic maintenance at the dentist, so that they always remain smooth, shiny and free of irregularities.

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We are online to help you with more information, questions and make your appointment right now.