BIO-STIMULATORS: The revolutionary treatment to eliminate facial flaccidity once and for all

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One of the fears of the public, both female and male, is to see that expression lines or sagging are taking over their bodies and they go in search of ways to solve the problem. In Ceará, this is becoming more and more common and this makes a procedure stand out a lot. I'm referring to Biostimulators in Fortaleza.

For those who are finding the term strange and don't know what this difficult name means, you can rest assured, because I will explain it in detail.

The Elleva biostimulator is considered an injectable aesthetic procedure. He is represented by the Rennova brand, which is known worldwide.

Recently, the procedure has become much talked about, not only in the dermatology sector in Fortaleza, but throughout Brazil, after the famous presenter Sabrina Sato adhered to it.

The Biostimulator aesthetic procedure was performed by Sabrina Sato

The presenter, who is currently 39 years old, admitted in interviews that she has her preferences when it comes to taking care of her body. 

In December 2020, the artist shared with her followers, through the social network Instagram, information about one of the resources she uses whenever possible to take care of her body skin to deal with sagging and caught the attention of many people.

The procedure used was nothing less than the famous Biostimulators or (Elleva, Radiesse, Calcium Hydroxyapatite), seeking to treat wrinkles and flaccidity and facial aging. This one, which is a collagen biostimulator based on poly-L-lactic acid, aims to help in the recovery of skin firmness.

But do not think that it is only for the face that the biostimulator is indicated. According to specialists in the area of aesthetics, such as Dr. Igor Rolla, from Fortaleza, as well as the presenter herself, the procedure is widely used to support and improve the quality of the skin in the areas of the abdomen and buttocks.

The technology offered by the Biostimulators

We can say without fear that the Biostimulator is one of the most efficient treatments currently on the market.

Those who aim to activate the skin's collagen formation can see rapid results, with an increase of up to 400% production after application.

What draws a lot of attention is the technology present in current Biostimulators, as it has the power to provide triple action on the skin, that is, it brings support, firmness and that glow that is everyone's dream.

This brings numerous benefits, achieving:

  • Combat sagging by stimulating the production of the patient's own collagen;
  • Make the skin stay firm for a longer time. 

Who can do the aesthetic procedure with collagen biostimulators in Fortaleza?

This aesthetic procedure facial harmonization in fortress which is becoming more and more famous, is suitable for both female and male audiences, as long as they have the desire to:

  • Bring rejuvenation to the skin, 
  • treat or prevent sagging and wrinkles. 

As mentioned above, it is important to remember that Elleva can affect not only the face, but also the arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

The procedure is also indicated for people who have loss of face volume due to great weight loss or even for runners and athletes.

Are the results of the biostimulators really effective?

For those who are still hesitant to invest in this procedure, we already say that the results of collagen producers are surprising and effective. 

Professionals report that, when the procedure is well performed, in just one session it is already possible to see the incredible results it generates, making the person who invested in it feel more confident.

In addition to dealing with sagging, reducing wrinkles on the face, buttocks and abdomen, Biostimulators also have the power to:

  • Whether collagen production is accelerated, 
  • Increase the thickness of the skin,
  • The expression lines of the face become smoothed,
  • The correction of the contour of the face takes place, according to your objective,
  • Reduce skin wrinkling and sagging,
  • Make the skin on the abdomen firmer, especially after giving birth or after surgery,
  • Allow an increase in the volume of the buttocks, that is, butt,
  • Correct unevenness, reducing sagging, 
  • Help reduce sagging in the inner thigh region.

For this aesthetic procedure, which is minimally invasive, to be performed in Fortaleza, or other regions of Brazil, it is necessary to rely on the work of a trusted professional.

You can obtain even more information at IBR Clinica, Bioestimuladores in Fortaleza. And be sure to follow the posts on this site, to be more and more aware of updates in the aesthetics market.

Dr. Igor Ribeiro

Dr. Igor Ribeiro | Igor Ribeiro Rola - Graduation in Dentistry at UNIFOR (University of Fortaleza). - Postgraduate in Dental Prosthesis at UNICRISTHUS. - Graduated in Facial Harmonization at the MARC Institute (Miami Anatomical Research Center) Miami, FL.

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