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Dental Contact Lenses in Fortaleza Dr. Igor Ribeiro

“Dental Contact Lenses are a thin layer made of porcelain and have the power to permanently modify the shape, texture and color of a tooth” 

Dr. Igor Ribeiro

Dental contact lenses – the secret to a perfect smile

Have you noticed that all celebrities now have white and symmetrical teeth? 

Thanks to the dental contact lens, nowadays anyone can have a celebrity smile. Let's clear up the main doubts in relation to this new technique that is changing lives.

What are Porcelain Contact Lenses?

The dental contact lens is a blade ultra thin made from EMAX®a type of porcelain imported from Germany, which covers the teeth and leaves them with an impeccable appearance. 

Number of Dentist Appointments

The placement is usually done in 3 consultations, the first being to perform a assessment of the health of the patient's dental arch. During this consultation, photos, radiographs and impressions are taken to help the dentist make the right decisions for each case. In the second consultation, the lenses are not yet inserted, however, the teeth are cleaned and the simulations with resin, which give an idea of how the final result will be. It is also during this consultation that the patient chooses, with the help of the dentist, the color of the dental contact lenses. Only then in the third consultation that the permanent lenses are applied to the patient's teeth.


Because they are extremely thin, between 0.3 and 0.6 millimeters thick, the wear that has to be done on the teeth is very little. Consequently, the pain during the process as well. After the grinding is done, the professional glues the teeth with a glue specially made for this procedure. Because they are strictly aesthetic, dental contact lenses are, in most cases, applied only to the front teeth. However, if the patient needs high aesthetics or has a very wide smile, the lenses can even be applied to the molars. 


To the contact lenses are indicated in cases of diastema (separated teeth), short teeth, inverted smile curve, wide buccal corridor and teeth slightly misaligned. This technique produces results incredible since it can change the shape of the teeth, width, length and color. 


Porcelain is a very resistant material and if cared for properly, the contact lens can last up to 15 years! For this, very hard foods should be avoided, as well as some unhealthy habits, such as biting pencils and pens, bottle caps and also biting nails. All these things harm the lenses and can decrease its durability. 



The value of the dental contact lens varies a lot according to the city and the professional, but usually a fee is charged. value per tooth, since it is made individually by a specialist.

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Dental Contact Lens Questions & Answers

What are the biggest advantages of porcelain lenses?


Contact lenses have great benefits: they make your teeth more beautiful, harmonize your face, bring back freedom and tranquility when smiling, increase self-esteem, last for years, do not hurt and rarely break. But don't think it stopped there! Have more!

the contact lenses do not darken over time! That's right! Your teeth will be whiter while the lenses last!!! The contact lens material maintains its color throughout its useful life, as it does not become pigmented over time. That is, you can drink your coffee, mate, black tea, soda or red wine without fear of staining your teeth. With that, too no there is a need to do periodic bleaching

Do you think it's over??? Not yet! Plus all contact lenses too don't make your teeth sensitive to cold foods like other procedures do. Because of the minimal wear and tear that is done on the teeth they do not develop sensitivity.

Unfortunately, the dental contact lens is not indicated in all cases. Patients with great loss of healthy dental structure, fractures or cracks, untreated cavities, accentuated stains, teeth with root canals, untreated bruxism and very crooked teeth may not be indicated for placement. In some cases, it is recommended that other treatments be performed in order to improve dental health. before applying contact lenses.

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